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My name is Giuseppe, and I am currently a student in Multi-media Design & Communication. I'm originally Italian, but over the years I have had the chance to travel a lot and live in different countries such as Spain, England and Denmark. I love to open myself up to new cultures, and learn from them. I try to accumulate the strengths from each culture, which has allowed me to grow as a person and permit me to see things differently. My knowledge range from the field of design to business. I try to grow my knowledge each day, always trying to keep myself updated with the latest trends within my profession. I like to work towards goals, and I do my best to achieve and exceed them. But most of all, I am a peoples-person, so if you have something to ask me, please, don't be shy to do so. If you feel you have a suitable job for me, and you need my help, please do contact me, I will help turn your ideas into a profitable business!